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Sophie ([personal profile] sophie) wrote2010-11-27 05:05 am

The Rocky Horror Show

It's astounding... time is fleeting...

I've never seen the Rocky Horror Show. And I just realised that I really, really want to.

Only problem is, the UK tour is ending very soon. The last 2010 UK tour date is in Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, from November 29th to December 4th. So it's quite possible that they're all booked up already. But just in case they're not... is anybody interested in seeing if they can make it with me?

Let me know if you are!
princessofgeeks: (Default)

[personal profile] princessofgeeks 2010-11-27 05:58 pm (UTC)(link)
wish i was in your country and could go with you. i saw the movie first and it changed my life. i later saw the show in a traveling road show and it was also amazing in a wholly different way.

let's do the timewarp again!!!!
br3nda: (Default)

[personal profile] br3nda 2010-11-27 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)
I have seen a half dozen times but always as high school shows or drama class or girl guides production.

Never seen professional actors give it a whirl.

Incidentally my home town has a statue of richard O'Brien as Riff Raff. And on Thursday a reporter requested to use my flickr photos of that statue because O'Brien in in town. Sounds like he sorted immigration and is moving to live in New Zealand.