Sophie - March 15th, 2013
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Date: 2013-03-15 21:15
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Tags:amateur radio
Subject: CQ CQ CQ, this is MM6PRG calling CQ.

I have my amateur radio callsign now! It's MM6PRG. To break that down:

  • M: This is a UK callsign. The letter G is also used in some UK callsigns that were issued a long time ago.
  • M: This indicates that I'm in Scotland. This part changes depending on where I'm transmitting from in the UK. If I'm in England, I don't use anything at all for this bit, so I'd just be M6PRG.
  • 6: Combined with the first "M", this indicates that the callsign is a Foundation-licence callsign. Apart from M6, a Foundation licence is also indicated by M3 for older Foundation licences. (To my knowledge there are no Foundation callsigns beginning with "G", as the Foundation certification wasn't around then.)
  • PRG: These three letters identify the particular callsign within the given prefix (M6, M3, etc). You can either choose these letters yourself, or get the next available one alphabetically. I chose mine as a reference to the fact that I'm a programmer.
I'm looking forward to working the bands. :D

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