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Date: 2015-09-11 19:25
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Subject: Request for help: Can anybody in/near Greater Bristol take me in?

Hi, all.

I know I haven't posted here for a long time, and I'm really sorry about that. I haven't been doing much with Dreamwidth lately.

However, my life is about to be turned upside-down, and I have a huge request to make.

At some point in the near future (probably in just over a month or so [see edit at bottom of post for new dates]), I'm going to need to stay in or near Bristol for a while - I don't know how long. I can't really talk much about the reasons why, except that they involve a dear friend of mine who's having a lot of issues right now, and will need a lot of care.

The trouble is, I have nowhere to stay while I'm there. I do know another friend in Bristol, but I've already asked a lot from them recently and it wouldn't be fair to put this on them as well. (I also haven't talk to them for a long while as I haven't seen them online for ages. I should get back in touch.)

The upshot is that I'm going to need to be able to stay with somebody in about a month from now, for an indeterminate length of time. (I'm imagining a maximum of a few months, but the truth is I just don't know.) I know this is a huge thing to ask of anybody, but is there anybody who might be willing to take me in? The closer to Bristol, the better. (Ideally, located *in* the City of Bristol, but that's not an absolute requirement - anywhere within Greater Bristol would work. I might consider offers from further afield like Cardiff if I don't have any closer, though.)

I would be bringing my own car, so I wouldn't need lifts anywhere. I would probably be gone for several hours a day, but when I'm back I would be able to give lifts, help about the house, and so on. I would pay for my own shopping, but might need some friendly reminders to actually *go* shopping or to do it online.

About me:

My name's Sophie Hamilton, and I'm a 33-year-old transgender woman. I tend to be fairly quiet and keep myself to myself, but I'm probably going to need to talk about things sometimes, and may need physical comfort if things are particularly bad. I'm good at listening, and have helped many friends through tough times.

I try hard not to be an asshole. I try to think about what I say before I do so, and I am very open-minded. I think that the interests list on my Dreamwidth profile does a pretty good job of describing my personality.

I'm a computer geek; I love to program, and I delight in knowing how things work. I like creating music - I've recently been experimenting a lot with SunVox, and I'm still working through my project to recreate every tune from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack in General MIDI.

I like gaming - computer or otherwise - and would love to play games in the off-time.

If you think that you might be able to help, or you have any questions, then please get in touch with me by commenting below (comments are screened for privacy and to allow for contact details and such to be posted) or sending me a private message. Also, please do point others to this post if you think they might be able to help! Thank you. <3

[edited 2015-10-02: I wasn't certain about plans when I initially made this post, but plans are a bit surer now. I'm going to need accomodation starting in the middle/end of November, though still for an indeterminate length of time. I still haven't got exact dates nailed down yet, but I'm working on that. If you can help, thank you so much!]

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Date: 2011-02-07 00:16
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Tags:death, friends
Subject: (no subject)

You know, this probably sounds really weird, but I'm about to post about somebody who I have never met or interacted with in any way, because it's so plainly clear to me how much of an effect she had on her friends.

That person is [ profile] slipperieslope, also known as Bee by her friends. Unfortunately, she passed away very recently and unexpectedly in her sleep. :(

The reason I'm posting this is because it's very easy to see that she was very well-loved. She's consistently described as a shining light and one of the kindest, most encouraging people in the TS (The Sentinel) fandom. Many, many of her friends posted about her passing and it was just plain to see how much of an effect she had.

Seeing that sort of thing reminds me once again just how much of an impact people do have, especially one as kind as [ profile] slipperieslope seems to have been. She must have really been a blessing to the world.

The whole thing moved me enough that I just had to post about it here. Condolences to her friends and family, and I hope that her spirit lives on in them. :)

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Date: 2010-04-06 23:09
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Tags:friends, reading
Subject: Living arrangements?

So, I have a problem.

You know how I live with [personal profile] nall and [ profile] eclective? Well, in August, our tenancy agreement expires.

Nall wants to move close to London. Corin doesn't particularly care who he lives with as long as his accommodation isn't in doubt, partially because a lot of the time he's going to be in the US anyway.

As for me, I need to stay in Berkshire at the very least, because although I didn't mention it here (or if I did, I don't remember doing so), I now have a referral to the Gender Identity Clinic in Charing Cross, which is where I'll finally be able to get hormones. Trouble is, referrals take time, and I haven't heard from them yet about an appointment. That being the case, I do *not* want to make the process take any longer by moving out of the county where my funding PCT has control, as I'd just need to do it all again.

And preferably, I'd like to stay in Reading - maybe even in the same house. My reasoning for this is that less change in surroundings = less stress. But to stay in the same house, I'd need to stay with two other people. One of them might be Corin, depending on what he does. But I'd still need another housemate.

Which brings me to a request. If any of you, my friends, need somewhere to live starting from August, and you want to live in Reading, Berkshire for at least a year, and you're okay with paying your share of the rent/tax/etc, let me know, please. I'd much rather I was living with two of my friends than, say, some people I barely know from Craigslist.

Even if at this point you're not sure, get in touch anyway. Please? <3

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Date: 2009-09-22 10:50
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Tags:friends, poll
Subject: (no subject)

It's just been brought to my attention that I actually have someone on my Friends list on LJ who actually lives close enough to me to *walk* past my street many times a week. I didn't even know this.

So now I wonder how many other people are the same. Thus, a poll! (on LJ, this will link to the Dreamwidth version; if LJ people want to answer, sign in with OpenID and you should be able to do so.)

[I posted this earlier but messed up, so here's a repost.]

Poll #1320 How close do you live?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 48

How close do you live to Reading, in the UK?

I actually live in Reading.
1 (2.1%)

I don't live in Reading, but I live within about 10 miles.
0 (0.0%)

I live in London, or similarly close.
2 (4.2%)

I live elsewhere in the south-east of England, but not close enough to qualify for the above choices.
3 (6.2%)

I live in England, but not the south-east.
7 (14.6%)

I live in the UK, but not England.
1 (2.1%)

I live in Europe, but not the UK.
7 (14.6%)

I don't live anywhere remotely close to you, sadly.
24 (50.0%)

I don't even live on Earth. Space travel FTW.
3 (6.2%)

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