Sophie - July 6th, 2011
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Date: 2011-07-06 02:40
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Subject: ...I hate it when companies do this.

So, remember the messiah:studio offer I talked about in February? The idea was that the prices would slowly return to their regular prices after a while.

And yes, they have risen, but I'm fairly sure they've been stuck now at $199 and $149 for a while. And in fact, I just used Google Cache to verify that on July 1st, the page was reading that the price of the Pro edition would go to $249 on July 3rd, and $299 on July 24th. Today, that same page reads that it'll go to $249 on July 24th, and $299 on August 14th.

Not cool. Luring customers to buy with the promise that the price will go up later, and then not having the prices go up on schedule, is misleading and false advertising. And this isn't an out-of-date page that was only used during the offer; this is the page that's being linked to as the official Shop page.

This isn't a judgement on the actual software at all; merely a judgement on the practices of the company behind it. I really hate when companies pull sneaky things like that. :(

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