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September 2016

Date: 2014-07-26 02:12
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Tags:moving, parents
Subject: Parents

I'm living with my parents again.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. :/

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Date: 2009-12-25 21:14
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Tags:big posts, christmas, gender identity, gender identity: meeting people, parents
Subject: Christmas Day at my parents' place

Updating from my parents' place!

So, things are going much better than I could have hoped for. There were no disgusted looks, no comments on my appearance. There are name slip-ups, but that's to be expected and while I correct them on it each time (otherwise it won't sink in), it's obvious that they're really trying and I'm not angry at them.

My big Christmas gift was actually sent to me about a week prior via Amazon - a new GPS receiver to replace the old one that I lost! It's a really nice one, too. I knew it would be coming because my parents asked me what I wanted/needed for Christmas and I explained about how I lost my old one. (I wouldn't normally have asked except that they had said they were willing to spend more than usual on me this year as I was away from home.) I did give them a bunch of different options, and said that while I'd prefer the 550t, it was their money and I would be happy with the others I listed. They were happy to go for the 550t, so that's the new GPS I have. :D

So, for obvious reasons, when I came down there wasn't much else in the way of gifts, but I did get a lot of chocolate from different people (I had brought the Christmas presents I'd received from others down with me, unopened, so I could open them here). And my parents have evidently told my aunt and uncle about things as their card and present were addressed not only to the right name but the right title, too, as well as the card being correct. When I wrote an email to thank them for the present, I also made sure to thank them for this, as it means a lot more to me than they might realise, and I'm so glad that they're apparently cool with it.

Anyway, back to my parents... I haven't felt uncomfortable or stressed at all, and I haven't noticed any stress on Mum's part either, though she tends to be good at internalising it, I think. Dad says that he doesn't think she's stressed either, though, which is good. And like I say, it's so clear to me that they're trying.

So, I'm going to be staying here overnight. I wasn't originally planning to do this; I felt that one day would be enough as any more might stress us both out. And while it's true that I didn't bring any makeup with me for tomorrow, I'm also not going to be seeing anyone else tomorrow when I go back, and anybody who would see my face is going to do so as my car goes hurtling past them, so I don't really feel there'll be *too* much of a problem there. But I feel comfortable being here for the night. (It's also nice to be in my bed; the things you miss!)

That said, I still wouldn't be comfortable staying for too much longer, and I think it would be asking too much of my parents anyway. Sure, Mum isn't stressed right now, but she could become so given a day or two more. And I wouldn't want to stay in any case right now... so I'll go home tomorrow. But it's still longer than I planned to be here. :D

In short, all seems to be well and good. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that this is the case, seriously. I didn't know what to expect, really, but it wasn't really this. <3

A good Christmas day, for sure.

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Date: 2009-12-24 20:09
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Tags:christmas, parents
Subject: o/~ I'm comin' home for Christmas... o/~

I'm going to be seeing my parents tomorrow, on Christmas Day. It'll only be for one day, but I'm terrified they'll make some comment on my looks (as in, "You look nothing like female!"), or look disgusted at me, or some other thing.

At first I didn't know if it was a good idea to go down, but after thinking about it, plus some persuasion from Dad, I agreed to one day at most. My hope is that one day will reduce the stress levels experienced by both me and my parents; and also that, even if I *do* look crappy, they'll be able to see some change and that it'll be less of a shock to them than later on when I look rather different.

I'm really hoping that things go well.

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